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48th ROK-US Military Committee Meeting Held in Seoul (2023. 11. ...
  • On November 12(Sun), GEN. Kim, Seung-Kyum, Chairman of ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff met with Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff during the 48th ROK US Military Committee Meeting(MCM) in the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff. This marks Gen. Brown's first visit to Korea since he took office on October 1, 2023.

    GEN. Kim Seung-Kyum, Chairman of the ROK JCS and Lt Gen. Jin Young-Seung, Chief Director of J5, ROK JCS, represented the ROK delegation and Adm. John C. Aquilino, commander, US INDOPACOM, joined Gen. Brown as part of the US delegation. Gen. Paul J. LaCamera, commander, United Nations Command(UNC), Combined Forces Command(CFC), United States Forces Command(USFK), represented the ROK-US CFC.

    During the discussions, Gen. Brown and GEN. Kim recognized the significance of the ironclad US-ROK Alliance reaching its 70th anniversary. This important milestone underscores the shared sacrifice and commitment of the Alliance in maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. The two leaders discussed the continuous provocations of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK), including missile launches and nuclear threat, and key security issues that destabilize peace and security in the region. In particular, Gen. Brown reaffirmed the US commitment to extended deterrence and the defense of the ROK.

    Both leaders also acknowledged the meaningful progress made in the conditions-based operational control(OPCON) transition plan, to include completing this year's annual US-ROK bilateral evaluations concerning capabilities and systems.

    The two leaders shared the importance of developing an ever-stronger mutual defense relationship and affirmed in the strongest words possible their commitment to the combined defense posture under the US-ROK Mutual Defense Treaty. The United States and the ROK are committed to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the region.

    The MCM is part of the US-ROK bilateral consultation process, which convenes annually or as required. The committee provides strategic directives and operational guidance to the CFC in defense of the ROK and addresses Alliance military issues. The US and the ROK have alternated hosting this meeting in Washington, D.C. and Seoul, since it first convened in 1978.
48th ROK-US Military Committee Meeting Held in Seoul (2023. 11. ..._0 48th ROK-US Military Committee Meeting Held in Seoul (2023. 11. ..._1 48th ROK-US Military Committee Meeting Held in Seoul (2023. 11. ..._2 48th ROK-US Military Committee Meeting Held in Seoul (2023. 11. ..._3

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